Shared Crossing Testimonial Guide for Individuals

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and effort in sharing your shared crossing experience with us.  This Guide has been designed to help you capture your experience. Please read it in its entirety and then respond to the questions in order, as this sequence allows us to best understand and connect meaningfully with your experience. If you are a healthcare provider wishing to share a professional experience, please complete the Healthcare Testimonial Guide instead. 

We invite you to write as much as you'd like in each section and to add other information as you wish. If you have had more than one shared crossing experience, we invite you to write complete separate accounts for each. When you submit your completed questionnaire to us, you will also be emailed a copy for your records.

By telling us your story, you are helping us achieve our mission of documenting and normalizing these experiences as a life-affirming aspect of death and dying. Stories such as yours can serve to inform others that these experiences occur, which can provide great comfort. 

Michael Kinsella, Ph.D - Chief of Research

Shared Crossing Research Initiative

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Question 1 of 12

Please tell us a little about you - what is your name, age and biological sex? 




Question 2 of 12

How do you identify religiously or spiritually?

Question 3 of 12

Who were the significant people involved in your shared crossing experience and how are they related?


Please describe these relationships in as much detail as you are comfortable with (for example, was anyone close, estranged, was there any unfinished business?)

Question 4 of 12

Where and when did your experience take place?


Please also describe your frame of mind at the time and the setting immediately before the experience.  


Question 5 of 12

What are the important circumstances surrounding your story?

(eg. health challenges, accidents, family dynamics, family events)

Question 6 of 12

What was your experience like?

(Describe the experience in as much detail as possible, including its specific features, how it felt, and whether others shared your experience) 


Question 7 of 12

How do you think you were able to have this experience?

(Please mention whether you or significant others had knowledge about shared crossing experiences at the time)

Question 8 of 12

Why do you think you had this experience?

(What meanings have you attached to this experience?)

Question 9 of 12

What was the impact of this shared crossing on you and/or others?


Question 10 of 12

What was the transmission, message, or gift to you (and perhaps others) in the shared crossing?

Question 11 of 12

How has this transmission impacted your life (and possibly the lives of others) in terms of:

* Feelings about death and dying - the afterlife

* Sense of whether you will see your departed loved ones again

* The meaning and purpose of life - what matters most

* Your current relationships - grief related to loss

* Beliefs about who you are

* The nature of existence


Question 12 of 12

Have you shared your story of this experience with others? If so, how have they responded?


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