Shared Crossing Consultation Group:

A Ground-breaking Online Professional Learning Experience

Presented by William Peters, M.Ed, M.A, LMFT

6 sessions - Thursdays, 9.30 - 11.30am Pacific 
Sept 15 & 29, Oct 13 & 27, Nov 10, Dec 1, 2022

Join William Peters, author of At Heaven's Door, founder and executive director of the Shared Crossing Project and principal investigator of it's research initiative for this highly unique professional opportunity!

If you have been looking for somewhere to explore the role of spiritually transformational experiences in your work with your patients/clients, this group is for you.

The Shared Crossing Consultation Group has been specifically designed for people who work in end of life, mental health, and spiritual care who wish to explore the role of spiritually transformative experiences generally, and shared crossing (end-of-life) experiences in particular, in our work with patients/clients.

You will join William Peters and a group of other dedicated professionals in 6 x 2-hour sessions and have the opportunity to explore your own case studies as well as learn from others in a dynamic, interactive online learning environment. 

Central to this group will be the opportunity to examine and share how our own personal spiritual experiences have shaped our psycho-spiritual development and our understanding of these experiences, and how this in turn has influenced our work with clients.

The Shared Crossing Paradigm

You will learn the Shared Crossing Paradigm, which identifies the primary end-of-life experiences including post-death spiritual experiences (see Spectrum of End-of-life Experiences), primarily through its application to the diversity of case studies presented by group members. Brief didactic presentations will also offered by William to clarify the Shared Crossing conceptual framework.  

You will have the opportunity for clinical Q&A with William and to share your cases with him and the group to receive feedback.

Themes to be addressed will include:

  • The relationship between spirituality and psychology
  • Spiritual emergency versus spiritual emergence
  • Spiritual practice and psychological growth
  • Personality types and spirituality
  • Spiritual bypassing versus spiritual growth
  • Eastern, Western, and pre-modern wisdom traditions’ views of spiritually transformative experiences and human death
  • A look at existential questions (Who am I? What am doing here? What happens to me and my loved one when we die?) through the lens of spiritually transformative experiences.

Methods for assessment, treatment, and therapeutic integration will be offered

The Shared Crossing Paradigm asserts a normalization and healthy integration of spiritually transformative experiences.  You will learn from William how the Shared Crossing Paradigm and related clinical methods can be applied to your own cases.

What People are Saying:

"Your questioning and your interest helps me to articulate more about what that experience was, because really, I hadn't talked to anybody about it. I didn't know how to talk to anybody about it, what to say. Who would understand, what the heck I was even talking about?” 

Madelyn S. - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

What You'll Receive:

  • 6 Group Sessions with William Peters. Each session is 2 hours duration.
  • Recordings of all sessions. Available to view for 365 days.
  • Ample opportunity to share and discuss your own case studies. 
  • Your own Student Portal. Your student portal will contain all the resources you need for your course.
  • Supervision & Consultation Hours. William is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and as such, can provide supervision and consultation hours. Email us for more information.

  • Please note that this offering is not eligible for CEUs.

Who the Group is For

The Shared Crossing Consultation Group is for anyone who works in end of life, mental health, or spiritual care. It provides a safe, supportive and inspirational space to explore the role of spiritually transformative experiences generally, and shared crossings at end of life in particular.

Your Facilitator

William Peters, M.Ed, M.A, LMFT

William is a licensed psychotherapist, founder and executive director of the Shared Crossing Project, and author of the best-selling book At Heaven's Door.

He has developed a series of leading-edge programs that introduce audiences to a broad assortment of experientially based curricula and practices. These programs focus on preparation for a conscious, connecting, and loving end-of-life experience, and they invite exploration of the topic of life after death.  As the principal investigator of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative (SCRI), William and his research team collect and study extraordinary end-of-life experiences (shared crossings).  He is recognized by many as the world’s leading authority on the shared death experience (SDE), having developed the first research-based typology of this phenomenon.

What (More!) People are Saying

"I can only speak from my perspective as a nurse, we have a huge, not only responsibility, but privilege of being there in every aspect from birth until death. And we spend so much time with these families and patients. And I think that if this area of spirituality or whatever you want to call it was actually taught as a possibility to nurses and to physicians, gosh, we could make such an impact on medicine, on nursing. We would be so much more caring as individuals in our practice. Because really, I mean, we're here to try to heal people, but we're also here to try to help people with whatever they're going through whether it be birth, sickness, a laceration, or death. That's what we're here for."

Cindy C.

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Shared Crossing Consultation Group

SIX x 2-hour online sessions with William Peters

Thursdays, 9.30 to 11.30am Pacific Time
September 15 & 29, October 13 & 27, November 10, December 1, 2022

$360 USD