Aging, decline and death can be challenging experiences to accept. But they don't have to be.


As you find yourself navigating the end of life, you may feel overwhelmed, caught off guard, unprepared, and longing to know if what you hope for, a continuation of the love, is possible.

Traditional cultural and religious teachings have not prepared us for end of life. To the contrary, we have been conditioned to believe that aging and death should be both feared and fought; that dying is somehow a failed outcome to be avoided at all costs rather than a natural transition of life.  

The Shared Crossing Project is here to help you discover end of life as an opportunity to expand your consciousness, deepen your connection, and experience profound grace.

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As you embrace the profound truth: death is not the end, it is a transition. You and your loved ones are connected always and forever.

We are here to guide and support you. 

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So Thankful

When my dear friend was dying, I was sitting vigil with two other caregivers. I was so thankful for the Shared Crossing training as it prepared me for the amazing, heart-opening experiences that occurred during and after the death of my friend. 

Arlene R.

Profound Peace and Calm

It is “freeing” to realize that we don’t actually die! I knew this on some level as a deeply spiritual being having this human experience but the stories that were shared solidified it for me. I’ve had a lot of family and friends die and just knowing that they are still here with us, that they really didn’t die, brings profound peace and calm to my whole being. I feel knowing this, when it’s my time to release my body, it will come with much grace and ease. 

Alicia F.

For My Friends & Loved Ones

These protocols are something I recommend to my friends and loved ones, at ANY stage in their lives as my dad I have found them to be not just beneficial to alleviate fear of dying but facilitate fuller more compassionate living.

Steve K.

Eben Alexander, MD.

Neurosurgeon and bestselling author of Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven, and Living in a Mindful Universe

“This brilliant and fascinating research about shared death experiences removes the conventional myth of death’s finality and shows how love binds us together beyond the material realm. Highly recommended!”

"Allowing death as a sacred passage to what's next, rather than something to be avoided or defeated, is the gateway to deep and authentic living. It quickens each moment with the truth of who we really are and expands our consciousness, providing us with a clear view of eternity."
William Peters




Dr. Raymond Moody

Bestselling author of Life After Life and Glimpses of Eternity 

"Peters has built upon my foundational research into shared-death phenomena with this very well-researched and thoughtful look at the transpersonal effects of dying on family, friends, and even healthcare providers. I strongly recommend At Heaven’s Door for those who want a well-researched look into what exists beyond the threshold."

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