Assisting those preparing for and moving through end-of-life transitions

Counseling with William Peters

William Peters, M.Ed., MFT maintains a private practice to assist individuals and families as they prepare for and move through the end-of-life transition with loved ones. His specialties include grief/loss/bereavement, anxiety, shame, psycho-spiritual development, near death and shared death experiences, and other mystical experiences.  

William also offers Shared Crossing Protocols to individuals, families, and groups outside the context of our program offerings. These protocols are designed to foster a conscious, connected and loving end-of-life experience that enable a shared death experience.  These sessions can be conducted at the Family Therapy Institute, or arrangements can be made to come to your home, hospital, hospice, or other location. Telephone sessions are also available. 

Call William on (805) 882-2424 ext. 110 or email [email protected]

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Consultation Services 

William Peters and the Shared Crossing team are skilled at creating and facilitating dynamic programs that embody relational approaches fostering trust, openness, and compassion.  We assist communities, organizations, and congregations in clarifying what their members need to wisely and lovingly confront aging, decline and death. Our approach offers:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your population’s grasp of and attitude toward aging, decline and death.  
  • Identifying strengths as well as gaps in understanding, communication, or action.
  • Clear recommendations for programs and practices to ease members’ anxiety about aging, decline and death.  
  • We provide education and tools to help them identify and communicate desires for this period of their life.
  • Customized design and implementation of programs and practices to meet the unique needs of your community members so they may embrace aging, decline and death with knowledge, confidence and support.
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