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Discover the 3 fundamentals of shared journeys to the afterlife - to lessen your fears over death and dying, transform your grief, and open you to the incredible possibilities of what can occur at the end of life ... and beyond.

A good death is a beautiful gift, one I imagine you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Most people are scared of dying and fear that their loved ones might die alone. Death is also stressful, as all too often it comes without adequate preparation. Our culture views death as the ultimate finality–the end of all things. 

As such, our society encourages us to avoid discussing death, overcome feelings of grief, and dismiss serious consideration of life after death.  

The cumulative effects of this are that we know very little about dying, death, and what might exist afterward.  

That’s why I created Awaken to the Transformational Power of the Shared Death Experience (SDE). This free webinar will introduce you to shared death experiences, which are extraordinary experiences in which people report sharing in a dying loved one’s transition to a benevolent afterlife.

When you listen to what these stories say, and discover what our research has found, your relationship to death changes from one of fear and uncertainty to one of acceptance and wonder.

In this free online event, you’ll discover 3 secret gifts that are imparted by the shared death experience:

Fundamental #1: Death is not an end, but a doorway to a new beginning.  

Individual consciousness is not “snuffed out” upon death; rather it is transformed, elevating to what we often refer to as the spiritual.

Fundamental #2: No one dies alone.

We are greeted by loved ones on the other side.

Fundamental #3: Loving relationships continue

Death ends a human live but it does not end the bonds we have with one another.

Special Guest! Experienced death doula, ritual healing practitioner and founder of The Centre for Sacred Deathcare, Sarah Kerr will discuss how SDEs inform her work with families, and why end-of-life practitioners and lay people alike need to know about the SDE.  

What people are saying:

“Losing my father recently brought up issues around death and dying. Sharing those thoughts and fears with a group of men and women facing similar life experiences felt like entering a hallowed place. I emerged from the group with new hope but more than that, a sense of joy.”

Katie K., Marriage & Family Therapist

The group was full of supportive information that served as a comfort to me and created the container in which to process my grief . . . [the course] explores, acknowledges, and supports all the unanswered questions. It opened the door to another dimension that I hope others will get to experience.

~ Jeannie R., Waldorf Teacher (pictured with her mother one month before her mother’s transition)

About William Peters

William Peters, M.Ed, MA, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist, founder of the Shared Crossing Project, and author of At Heaven's Door. William has developed a series of leading-edge programs that introduce audiences to a broad assortment of experientially based curricula and practices. These programs focus on preparation for a conscious, connecting, and loving end-of-life experience, and they invite exploration of the topic of life after death.  As the Director of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative (SCRI), William and his research team collect and study extraordinary end-of-life experiences (shared crossings).  He is recognized by many as the world’s leading authority on the shared death experience (SDE), having developed the first research-based typology of this phenomenon.

About Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr, PhD, is a death doula, ritual healing practitioner, and trainer. Her work helps dying people and their families connect with each other, and with the innate wisdom of the dying process. Sarah’s approach draws on nature­-based spirituality, sacred sciences, and the richness of the human soul, and she facilitates rituals that honour the spiritual significance of death and loss, and bring healing to the living, the dying, and the dead. As a founder of The Centre for Sacred Deathcare, Sarah is a teacher and mentor to death doulas and others who are called to offer spiritual support at end-of-life.

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Awaken to the Transformational Power of the Shared Death Experience

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