The Shared Death Experience:

Transformational Journeys of Life and Love Beyond Death 

Presented by William Peters, M.Ed, M.A, LMFT


A 7-module self-guided online course



Discover profound stories and ground-breaking research of shared journeys to the afterlife to lessen your fears over death and dying, transform your grief, and open up to the incredible possibilities of what can occur at the end of life and beyond.

A good death is a beautiful gift.

Imagine the possibility of having a conscious, connected, and loving end of life experience for your loved ones and for yourself. 

Wouldn’t that feel deeply connective and moving? 

Maybe you want to find meaning in the recent death of a loved one, or discover ways to reconnect with them. 

Reconnecting with lost loved ones IS possible ... a good death IS possible. 

But most of what you have seen and experienced is NOT this. 

Most people are scared of dying and fear that their loved ones might die alone. Death is also stressful, as all too often it comes without adequate preparation.  Our culture views death as the ultimate finality -the end of all things.  And so most of us bury our heads in the sand, choosing not to think about death until we absolutely have to.

Why is this?

Well, we’re not educated about death. We’re taught how to balance a checkbook, yet few of us have learned how to plan for death and dying. Nor do we feel permitted to explore the possibility that life consciousness continues after death.  

The truth is that our society encourages us to avoid discussing death, overcome feelings of grief, and dismiss serious consideration of life after death. 

The cumulative effects of this are that we know very little about dying, death, and what might exist afterward

That’s why I created The Shared Death Experience: Transformational Journeys of Life and Love Beyond Death. This course raises awareness about shared death experiences, which are extraordinary experiences in which people report sharing in a dying loved one’s transition to a benevolent afterlife.

This program supports the open exploration of death, dying, and what might be possible at the end of life and beyond.

"I’ve learned that when you begin to listen to what these stories say, and discover what our research has found, your relationship to death changes from one of fear and uncertainty to one of acceptance, appreciation, and awe."

You will gain a deeper appreciation for the nature of death and dying and see new possibilities for continuing your connections with deceased loved ones. In essence, your relationship to death will change from one of fear and uncertainty to one of acceptance and wonder.

By the end of this course, you’ll experience:
  • Awe inspiring possibilities at the end of life and beyond
  • A newfound realization that death is not an ending but a beginning
  • The power of self-reflection about death and dying 
  • Getting in touch with your intuitions about life and death
  • How to apply this realization towards improving your life here and now
  • A deeper appreciation of the dying process through personal exploration techniques 

My promise to you is that after completing this course, your views of life, death, and what is possible at the end of life and beyond will change in profound ways!  I invite you to join me in recognizing we are spiritual beings that evolve together, both in life and in death.

A note from William Peters

When I had my first near-death experience (NDE) at age 17, I had nowhere to turn. It was a profound spiritual experience and yet at the time I didn’t even know it had a name.  

And years later, while volunteering in Peru and later at Zen Hospice, I had a series of deeply profound spiritual experiences around the deaths of men and women.  Similarly, I had nowhere to turn and no language with which to describe what had happened to me.    

Eventually, I came to learn about near-death experiences and shared death experiences (SDEs), which are what I had experienced in Peru and at Zen Hospice, through the work of Dr. Raymond Moody.  

I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by Dr. Moody in 2009 where he shared many SDE stories.  I felt chills throughout my body and in that moment realized I had found my life’s work: helping others discover the healing and transformational gifts that shared death experiences offer.  

Since then, I have dedicated myself to better understanding SDEs.  I have created the Shared Crossing Project and the Shared Crossing Research Initiative, which are organizations that work towards understanding and raising awareness about shared death experiences and their therapeutic potential.  

Now I invite you to discover what I as an experiencer, a practicing psychotherapist, and a researcher have come to learn about SDEs.  Not only are these experiences possible, but they happen every day to men and women around the world.  And with these experiences comes great wisdom.  So join me and other like-minded people around the world  in learning how SDEs can help us all prepare for the best death possible.     

Death eventually comes for us all, but learning about shared death experiences can transform our relationship with death into a wise and benevolent teacher reminding us all that we are actively participating in the great mysteries of being human.  

I invite you to hear for yourself these amazing stories that suggest no one dies alone, that we are majestic, spiritual beings, and that a part of us lives beyond human death

What people are saying:


[These courses] have given me the opportunities to learn, explore, and experience this subject in a safe and supportive gathering of like-minded individuals. Participating in these groups has been comforting, uplifting, and transformative.

~ Pamela B.

Shift of a lifetime

"The class offered the dialogue I have been seeking for a lifetime. It helped in making a shift into what I already knew deep within, but could not confirm alone."

~ Sonja L.

Deeper understanding

"I came to a deeper understanding and acceptance of the part I played (and should have played) in my mother's passing from cancer when I was eighteen. It was something I carried around in me like a stone and I can honestly say that ever since I went through the program, that stone has seemed to have evaporated."

~ Bill S.

What You Will Learn

Moved and inspired

I was very moved and inspired by the experience. I particularly appreciated the varied points of view in the group and liked each and every one of them . . . Most important of all, it has helped me rethink my relationship with those I care about most, particularly my aging parents and my two kids.

~ Mimi D.

Opened up my heart

This class has allowed me to open up my heart more fully as I let go of all that unfinished business that has constricted my heart . . . How precious has it been for me to feel and heal in a safe, loving and compassionate environment.

~ Trudy B.

What You'll Receive

  • 7 hours of recorded presentations by William Peters, one of the world’s leading experts on shared death experiences.  William is both an experiencer and a researcher, having spent decades studying SDEs.  
  • Access to videos of over 20 individuals sharing their own SDE experiences. These videos are part of a premier collection of the Shared Crossing Library, which is a collection of interviews conducted with over 200 individuals. 
  • Access to your own private online Student Portal, from which you will access your course materials.
  • Eligibility for 7.5 hours of CEUs. See below.
  • The flexibility to complete the course in your own time. No deadlines.
  • 365 day access to all course materials.

A Note About Continuing Eduction Units - CEUs

This Course meets the qualifications for 7.5 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, RNs and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences for the Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara, CAMFT Continuing Education Provider. 

Please note that you must register for CEUs in addition to registering for the course.

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Your Presenter

William Peters, M.Ed, MA, MFT

A licensed psychotherapist, founder of the Shared Crossing Project, and director of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative, William has developed a series of leading-edge programs that introduce audiences to a broad assortment of experientially based curricula and practices. These programs focus on preparation for a conscious, connecting, and loving end-of-life experience, and they invite exploration of the topic of life after death.  As the Director of the Shared Crossing Research Initiative (SCRI), William and his research team collect and study extraordinary end-of-life experiences (shared crossings).  He is recognized by many as the world’s leading authority on the shared death experience (SDE), having developed the first research-based typology of this phenomenon.

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The Shared Death Experience: Transformational Journeys of Life and Love Beyond Death 

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