For Healthcare & End-of-Life Professionals 


It takes a remarkable person to work with death and dying every day. At the Shared Crossing Project, we honor and acknowledge your compassion and commitment to those under your care and to their families. 

We understand that depending upon the type of work and/or the setting, you may long to support the end-of-life process more effectively but feel constrained by professional limits and/or cultural norms. You may have had personal experiences or been witness to experiences that don't fit in any of the "allowed" boxes. This can make you feel frustrated and ill-equipped to support those under your care through a broader range of what your experience and your heart tell you is possible. 

To better support you both personally and professionally, we have created a track of study just for you. To get started, join us for our next live Shared Crossing Pathway Seminar or engage in the self-study option below. All of our work is supported by research, and professional CEUs are available. 

A Glimpse Beyond the Threshold: Shared Death Experiences  

An Introduction to SDEs

* 6 modules

* Online, self-study

* Start anytime. Complete at your own pace

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The SDE: Transformational Journeys of Life and Love Beyond Death 

An in-depth look at the features of the SDE

* 7 modules - Online, self-study

* Start anytime. Complete at your own pace

* 7.5 hours CEU credit available

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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing education credit is currently available for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, RNs and/or LEPs for most of our courses and workshops. 

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The Research 

The Shared Crossing Research Initiative

Discover more about our research program, our findings, our publications and our Internship Program. 

The Shared Crossing Research Initiative

Customized Training 

Meeting your organizational needs

William Peters and the Shared Crossing team are skilled at creating and facilitating dynamic programs that embody relational approaches fostering trust, openness and compassion.  We assist communities, organizations, and congregations in clarifying what their members need to wisely and lovingly confront aging, decline and death.

Customized to your needs, our trained staff will present on a variety of subjects, including:

  • How to have a conscious, connected, and loving end-of-life experience
  • What comprises a shared death experience (*insert link) and how to prepare for one
  • Discussions of aging, decline, and death from a relational perspective
  • How to create ease in discussing end-of-life issues between loved ones, friends, colleagues, staff, etc.
  • Afterlife concepts and guided visualizations that help clarify personal beliefs and ease fear and anxiety

We will be glad to discuss your needs and wishes and provide a customized proposal. 

“I had no knowledge of shared crossing experiences and only learned of them days after my father passed when I began searching the internet for answers. I figured if I found nothing, I could accept I had just been dreaming to make myself feel better. I was amazed to find that others had similar stories or experiences, and had aspects that were familiar to mine.”

Mary R.