Self-study Programs


What if the end of your life or someone you love or are caring for could be conscious, connecting and loving instead of something to be feared? 

A Glimpse Beyond the Threshold: 

Shared Death Experiences

with Raymond Moody & William Peters

Shared death experiences (SDEs) are incredible events whereby one or more loved ones or caregivers report sharing in a dying person’s transition to the initial stages of an afterlife. 

This 6-part, self-study course will introduce you to shared death experiences. You will learn the importance of SDEs and what they mean for us all.  As a bonus feature, you will have exclusive access to two of the world’s leading experts on SDEs in a 3-part recorded Q&A series. 

By the end of this course, you will:  

* See amazing videos of people sharing their own life transforming SDEs 

* Learn the awe-inspiring key features that make up SDEs 

* Experience mind elevating activities to better align your consciousness with energies beyond the veil 

* Gain a newfound appreciation for the mystery of death not as an ending but as a transition to a new beginning.

"I cannot begin to even tell you how much this course has helped me." Alan J.