Shared Death Experiences (SDEs) represent a unique aspect of Shared Crossing where individuals recount participating in the journey of the dying toward a benevolent afterlife. SDEs commonly take place close to the moment of passing, although they may occur moments, hours, days, or even weeks before or after the actual death.


Regardless of whether your encounter was joyful or challenging, transformative or intriguing; whether you felt misunderstood, shamed, or embraced; whether you found support or are still seeking validation; whether you are currently navigating the experience or have assimilated it into your daily life; whether it occurred recently or many years ago; and whether you've shared your story previously or not, you are invited to join a compassionate and empathetic community of individuals who have undergone similar experiences.


Or you may have never experienced a Shared Crossing or SDE, but are curious to understand more about the phenomenon and to hear the accounts of others to glean more insight, both from personal accounts and research-based perspectives.


This Sharing Group aims to offer a safe, neutral, and judgment-free zone, where individuals can freely express themselves in a loving, understanding, and accepting environment, while offering support and space-holding to others. 


The SDE Sharing Group is moderated and facilitated by the Shared Crossing Research Team.  Please see below for more details about your facilitators.

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Your Sharing Group Facilitators

Lynadawn Farkas-Ashville, NC, USA

SCRI Research Assistant/Intake Coordinator

Lynadawn Farkas is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Life Coach, and an End of Life (EOL) Companion/Doula with the Center for Conscious Living and Dying in Asheville NC.  Having had an NDE when she was 23, and several Shared Crossings throughout her life, Lynadawn is now the research interview coordinator for the Shared Crossing Research Team.


 Sheela Jaganathan-Munich, Germany

SCRI Research Assistant

Sheela Jaganathan is a Wellbeing Coach specializing in past life and current life regression therapy. As an Inner Journeying facilitator since 2012, Sheela guides her clients to systematically connect with their innate wisdom for personal enhancement. Her foray into research work with SCRI was inspired by her own shared crossing experiences with her family members and from afterlife journeys told by her clients. 




 Melanie Oborne-Victoria, Australia

SCRI Research Assistant

Melanie Oborne is a Psychologist who has worked with clients experiencing grief and loss as well as transcendental experiences such as Near Death Experiences The transcendental path was taken due to Melanie having a Spirituality Transformative Experience in 2018.  Melanie was guided to the SCRI via synchronicities and is passionate about de-pathologizing these experiences due to the surmountable benefits they can provide.


Diane Elliott-Norwich, U.K.

SCRI Research Assistant

Diane Elliott is a Transpersonal Practitioner and trains therapists in spirituality and death studies. She is founding director of the British Transpersonal Association which looks to build awareness of transpersonal experiences. She had a Shared Death Experience many years ago and didn’t know what it was until finding the work of Raymond Moody and William Peters. She is now honoured to be working with the Shared Crossing Research Team.

The Sharing Group Details

What to expect - we will open the circle with a brief introduction and meditation; there will be sharing and listening, and one of our research team members will lead a grounding meditation at the end of the session.

Date and Time- the group will be gathering every third Wednesday of each month at 8pm ET (please check for your local time) commencing with March 20th, 2024.

How to Register – please provide your name and email below. Check your email for further details which will include the Zoom link for the meeting.

Future Aspirations – we are beginning with running the group on US time zones, however, we are planning on creating another separate group which aligns with European time zones.