Shared Crossing Stories 

The most beautiful stories you will ever hear.

The most amazing experience you could ever have.

Be touched deep within your soul by this curated collection of awe-inspiring video stories from people who have shared their accounts with our research team, the Shared Crossing Research Initiative. 

We have been helping people like you to have a conscious, connected and loving end-of-life experience for over 10 years and are grateful to the people in these videos for sharing their stories.

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A Message from William

I extend heart-felt thanks to all of our research participants who have made this Story Library possible. Your help in conveying the message that anyone can experience a shared crossing or a shared death experience with a loved one is truly inspiring! In this short video, I share one of my first shared death experiences. You will find many more stories in my book, At Heaven's Door.

William Peters, Shared Crossing Project Founder

FREE Shared Crossing Stories
“It changes everything, doesn't it? It just changes everything.
I'm not frightened of death anymore.
It changes everything.”
Amelia B.