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Our Research team would love to hear about your shared crossing or shared death experience. Click below to go to the relevant form for Individuals or Health Care Practitioners.

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The Shared Crossing Research Initiative is funded entirely through the generosity of individuals and organizations who believe in our work. All donations are tax-deductible.


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For Individuals

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and effort in sharing your shared crossing experience with us.  This is a guide to assist you in addressing the important points in your shared crossing experience. It will provide a context for your account so that others who hear or read your story will better understand your experience. 

Keep in mind that shared crossings are experiences whereby people express that a deceased loved one (or other relation) has communicated with them across the veil. When writing your account, please include as many details as possible.

Please read and respond to the questions in order.  We invite you to write as much as you’d like in each section and to add other information as you wish. You will receive a copy of your story as well when you hit ‘submit.’


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For Healthcare Providers

End of life phenomena are documented in the medical literature as unusual occurrences in the period of time surrounding death. As a healthcare provider, you may have observed others have such experiences, or you may have experienced such phenomena yourself. The purpose of our research is to collect data regarding these phenomena for further analysis in order to inform the medical and mental health community at large.

To date, the Shared Crossing Research Initiative has collected 200 qualitative case studies from which emerged the following typological patterns for these unusual end of life phenomena.

For more information on the spectrum of phenomenon studied to date, click here

Please read this questionnaire in its entirety and then respond to the questions in order.  We invite you to write as much as you’d like in each section and to add other information as you wish.  You may have more than experience to share, if so, the ‘About You’ section need only be answered once. Additionally, your anonymity and confidentiality will be maintained unless you indicate otherwise. 

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