Shared Crossing Practitioner Certification

Professional Development for End-of-Life Exploration     

Presented by William Peters, M.Ed, M.A, LMFT



We are developing a leading edge program to help you learn how you, your clients, and your loved ones can prepare for the best end of life possible … and even share in the journey beyond the veil with grace, love and wonder.

We anticipate launching the program in Spring 2023.

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The Shared Crossing Practitioner Certification Program (SCPCP) provides comprehensive training on applying and integrating knowledge of shared crossings into a variety of clinical end-of-life and bereavement settings.

The SCPCP offers an in-depth analysis of the Spectrum of End-of-Life Experiences, with special emphasis on the shared death experience.

Participants will learn:

  • User-friendly typologies of shared crossings that identify common features and their beneficial aftereffects

  • Shared Crossing Protocols designed to enable the shared death experience and other shared crossings

  • Clinical methods for identifying, assessing, and positively integrating shared crossings in the various phases of end-of-life care, including grief and bereavement

  • Historic and contemporary understanding of shared crossings in health care, and

  • Therapeutic imperative based on research for normalization and integration of shared crossings into end-of-life care

This program is appropriate for:

  • End-of-life practitioners looking for advanced training to complement existing credentials

  •  Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants

  •  Hospice workers and volunteers 

  •  Death Doulas

  •  Chaplains and Spiritual Counselors 

  •  Home Health Aides

  •  Medical Doctors

  •  Healthcare advocates

  • Mental Health Professionals

  •  Marriage and Family Therapists 

  •  Social Workers

  •  Bereavement Counselors 

  • Spiritual and religious advisors

  • Caregivers or anyone interested in learning and applying the wisdom of shared crossings

Program Format:

The SCPCP curriculum is taught through a dynamic mix of lectures, case study narratives (videos and written), experiential exercises, partner and small group work, guided visualization and personal reflection. Participants are encouraged to find opportunities to apply the teachings.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

CEU’s are available for Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Registered Nurses and RVNs.

Coming Spring 2023

What people are saying ... 

My Perspective as a Nurse

"I can only speak from my perspective as a nurse, we have a huge not only responsibility, but privilege of being there in every aspect from birth until death. And we spend so much time with these families and patients. And I think that if this area of umm spirituality or whatever you wanna call it was actually taught as a possibility to nurses and to physicians, gosh, we could make such an impact on medicine, on nursing, on ... We would be so much more caring as individuals in our practice. Because really, I mean, we're here to try to heal people, but we're also here to try to help people with whatever they're going through whether it be birth, sickness, a laceration, or death. That's what we're here for."

Cindy C.